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I provide museum-quality conservation and restoration services to high professional standards. Restoration treatments of oil paintings on canvas or panel may potentially include:

Appropriate art historical and technical research may also be undertaken to inform treatments as required. A treatment plan is proposed after examination of a painting and agreed with the client before work commences.

Detailed microscopic analysis of tiny paint samples can be carried out to identify original pigments and binding media, and to distinguish original materials from later restorers' overpaints and additions.

Condition reports and surveys are undertaken for individual paintings and collections.

Advice can be given on hanging, display and collection care, including recommendations for protection against adverse environmental conditions.

Examples of conservation projects:

Study of a Kingfisher by Giovanni Calvini, 1873. Oil on wood. Before and after treatment, including removal of an extremely degraded and discoloured old varnish.

Capriccio with Vesuvius and Castel dell'Ovo, 18th century Italian school. Oil on canvas. Before and after treatment.

Cognassiers du Japon by Elizabeth Rouviere c.1960. Oil on canvas. Details showing repair of tear in the canvas.

Portrait of Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge, 19th century English school. Oil on canvas. Before and after treatment of an old, degraded varnish and darkened old retouchings.

Winter Landscape with Sheep, 19th century English school. Oil on canvas. Before and after treatment.

Heraldic Shield of Alfonso V of Aragon, 16th century Netherlandish. Oil with gold leaf on wood. During treatment (left) and after retouching (right).

Heraldic Shield of Charles, Duke of Orléans, 16th century Netherlandish. Oil with gold and silver leaf on wood. Detail after cleaning (left) and after filling and retouching (right).